Collaboration – Your research using our technology

If we should say it simply: you will be the brain of research, we will be your support and the supplier of the necessary technological equipment.
However, we would like to encourage partners to cooperate, if we know about research in the field, or if we will engage ourselves in the research process if the subject is ours.
The most important aspect of collaboration is the idea of using a device that we like to consult with you on the basis of our experience so far, which increases the likelihood of successful research results.

How will the cooperation work?

What will we do for your research?

Our solution is never supplied with a packaged box system that the customer is gradually acquainted with and tries to get the device into operation and measure the first records. We communicate with the customer before shipping the device to ensure the most reliable device and service around. We will prepare tailor-made facilities for your research. We will then resolve the formalities necessary for sale or rent. Deliveries are handled in the form of handing over the product to the customer, including demonstration of functionality and training of personnel to use the equipment. This does not end our cooperation, even if you do not require further data processing. For initial startup, we are able to provide remote support and control over the controls, so you do not have to go through the instruction for a long time and look for the necessary functionality or settings.


There is the possibility of purchasing a complete solution and customizable customized customization services. The second option is a long-term lease with an agreed amount of services. Regarding the complexity of cooperation, it is usually the three basic models below.

Models of cooperation

Comprehensive service

Your task is to prepare a professional problem and to assemble tasks that will be tested using eye tracking. Our task is then to prepare a comprehensive recording solution and evaluate the parameters you want to research in your research. Simplified, therefore, your input is the idea and output is the statistic over the measured data group.

Preprocessed output data

Another option, if you already have extensive experience with data evaluation, is the possibility to cooperate only at the level of the technology with output in the form of your defined parameters of the measured subjects.

Technology only

The last option is to use only our technological know-how. We add technology to record eye movements, task integration (in the sw interface), and the analysis is now up to you. We only perform an evaluation of the viewing path and, if appropriate, the size of the pupils that are as outputs in the time stamp table. Subsequent processing is with you on this model.